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Our Story

"The XO dream was born out of self-love, the XO company was born out of love between two people, and the XO legacy will live on through love for the world."


XO by ALN transcends our products and emphasizes the need to love yourself before anyone else; to take care of yourself before you stretch yourself too thin. Our main objective is to remind the world that it’s more than okay to look out for yourself first. Our logo is meant to symbolize that it is okay to give and receive love as long as you know where to draw the line. It's all about finding one's own boundaries and being unapologetic about it. 

XO by ALN was founded by creative Anthony Luis Najera and entrepreneur Dejuante Walker. What is unique about our brand is that it focuses on self love above all other love. The truth is that we had to learn to love our individual selves before making this relationship work. What matters to us isn’t about putting the other first; it’s about making sure we take care of our own needs in order to be good for the other.

We have learned that by putting self-love above all, we can serve others better; true even in our business model. Our triple bottom line policy means that we don't only exist for profit, but also for the benefit of all people and the planet we share. The more we succeed and grow in profit, the more our planet and people will benefit. For this reason, with every purchase we plant a tree in a deforested region. Now that's how you look good, feel good, and do good. 

Est. 2021

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